Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Future

Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Future
Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Future

Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Future

Mechanical knowledge has increased significantly over the last 50 years. As computer computing power rises upwards, some computer experts are drawing lights on the sky. According to computer scientist Gordon Moore, computer experts believe computer chips compute power is doubled every 18 months, according to Intel’s founder Gordon Moore. However, the chip size should be reduced to nano size to increase chips computation. There are some technical obstacles to this. Particularly, there are many difficulties in such a miniature structure. For example, if the chip is small, the heat from the heat can damage that chip. There are therefore some limitations on the construction of silicon chips. Furthermore, relationships between the nanoseconds and the atomic size can cause chip performance to be disrupted. Computer chips computational power can be developed in the future as Moore’s principle can only be when the revolution in computer chips is not revolutionized, or silicon replaces any other substance.

Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Future | by Ray Kurzweil

Dr. Ray Kurzweil
Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil, a renowned professor at Harvard University, says that Moore’s principle is that by 2035 mechanical knowledge can overcome human intelligence. By 2045, he argues that artificial knowledge develops millions of times more than human intelligence and is the day of human being. He calls it ‘Singularity’. Every man has a few hundred billion neurons in the brain.

Kurzweil says that nanotechnology can also be significantly improved, and then man can replace the brain ofArtificial Intelligence Technology in the Future neurons in the brain with these nanobots (nanorobots – much smaller than our blood cells). He argues that all human intelligence can be copied into computer memory, including memorabilia, no physical body, no intellectual death, and a synthetic body that can then be copied and intelligible to computer memory. Kurzivel argues that the unveiling of the human intelligence that has been copied together will soon be launched. Some dismiss it as a day-by-day, “no two minds are totally unlawful, and finally husbands and wives! It is more difficult to combine copied intelligence into the computer.

We must first consider some other things to criticize or defend this argument. What they mean is not only copying human intelligence into the computer but also creating artificial mechanical frenzy is an importantArtificial Intelligence Technology in the Future part of research today. Over the past 40 years, many investigations and efforts have been made on how to make thinking robots in robots. The intellectual intelligence of human intelligence should be able to understand information from his surroundings, how to make human intelligence and make decisions, as well as artificial intelligence. If a creature responds to the environment and has a self-determination feature that we can call it intellect. To give artificial intelligence to this feature, we must first give definition to this intelligence.

It works beyond the head of western scientists. For centuries the arguments about the relationship between the body and the soul are in western culture. In the 17th century, the philosopher’s body, Renedecart, argued that the mind was different. This claim is in harmony with the Christian religious sentiments. This is what Hinduism says. We can define thoughts of mind based on the relationship of the body to the soul.

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Turning the Man into a Robot Using Biotechnology

Turning the Man into a Robot: While this is the case, the scientists are scrambling to find another problem. For example, let’s say that I have copied my mind into the computer. Then, with the help of biotechnology, let me make a copy of my mind that is exactly the same with each cell in me.

Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Future

His experiences (B) are different from my experiences (A) since he entered the world (he was B if he was A). Because his surroundings and my surroundings may not be one. That is, he will be living as a person from the moment of copying. Then the outcome of the copy will not be fulfilled. Since life has evolved, new organisms are born and live in their own lives. For this, biotechnologies do not require computer technology. A woman is a combination of masculine. Who is the original, who is in A, B? B is a murder. Is it b alone to be punished, or to punish his original A? These are so funny.

Even today, western scientists cannot tell why the ideas are genuine because they can not understand the relationship between man and society. In Western culture, however, they do not accept a person as an inseparable part of society in capitalist theories. Every man is seen as a machine to buy their merchandise.

Karl Marx
Karl Marx

Karl Marx, however, analyzed the solution to this problem. He says that every human being is only a compilation of his relations in society around him. His relationship with the society around him gives his ideas. His memories are also made up of society around him. None of the memories of a human can be his personal They are associated with society. The man who lives alone on an island is not used by the memorials, but the rest of the animals. The man has changed from the monkey to today’s man’s form only by working for the society. That task gave intelligence to man. Hence there is no intelligence with any intelligence associated with society.

If a person wants to copy the mind into computer memory, we need to copy all the connections with him to society. That is, he has copied all the minds of his relatives with him and copied his mind completely. Otherwise, he does not have the advantage of copying one’s mind. Copying this will only be a photograph in mind. Overall of his life, I have to copy all the thoughts in his mind. In this way, we can copy a mind if we can copy all the information in the entire universe. According to scientist Beckensteen, all the universe needs to collect information, and the energy in the entire universe is spent. Therefore, this is not possible.

This is a problem that can be given to a robot. Let’s make an artificial intelligence and get it into a robot. Let’s say that Robot (name George) is working with you in your office. George asks you to bring paper clips to you, George, I want paper clips. You, admirably, ‘understand very well. I’m very happy, “George said, appreciating that appreciation and saying,” Paper clips make people happy. So, if human beings are happy, the things in this world should be converted to paper clips, ‘it would be a danger to human survival. That is, the unexpected intelligence associated with the operation of the operation is inevitable, and the risk is over.

This operation is limited to human intelligence alone. Moreover, the man’s mind is shameless, shocking. Every man thinks in his own particular way. No two people think the same. In this case, how can we define artificial intellectual intelligence? When the definition is not possible, how can it be set up for the machine?

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