Artificial Intelligence in india

Artificial Intelligence in India

Artificial Intelligence in India
Artificial Intelligence in India

When do we think about “AI” what comes to mind?

Voice assistant, autocorrect on phones, maps and directions, etc.

Other important inventions also include cars and shops without a driver, while they are not ATMs. But then, are these artificial intelligence technologies extremely useful for India?

The algorithm of self-propelled cars can fail in India, with worsening road conditions, lack of traffic sense and pride in breaking traffic rules.

The population with smartphones is less than fifty as of 2018.

So, does that mean that India cannot be an active participant in the race for the development of artificial intelligence?

No. The opportunities for artificial intelligence applications in India are great and also the advantages related to artificial intelligence can be unique.

India can benefit from artificial intelligence by specializing in areas of health, agriculture, production, infrastructure and education.

50% of the population of India is employed in the agricultural sector. However, the sector has a lower yield and generates a really low GDP.

However, in recent times with the help of AI, conditions have improved alarmingly. Within the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, farmers in small villages are using smart assistance. They receive text messages or automatic voice calls about the sowing period, as well as predictions of pesterer attacks depending on weather conditions, season, etc. This has yielded excellent results and increased yield for the farmers who use it.

In terms of production, industries are changing to employing robots for activities that do not need human intelligence. Robots have replaced humans for activities such as welding, mining, quality control, etc. In addition to increasing efficiency, it has greatly helped reduce human effort.

The scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

Artificial Intelligence in India
Artificial Intelligence in India

Over the years, computers have become more powerful and cheaper. In addition, there has been an increase in the popularity of GPU computing. So, when we talk about the scope of artificial intelligence, let’s understand it from the perspective of hardware research and also from the perspective of algorithms.

We have seen AMD launch its 7nm Radeon VII GPU at CES-19. According to many observers, AMD plans to compete with NVIDIA in the premium GPU market. In addition, AMD will launch its third-generation Ryzen desktop CPUs later this year. It should be noted that the third generation of Ryzen has shown performance almost similar to Intel’s Core i9. In fact, Ryzen actually consumes less energy than i9.

Scope in AI

Therefore, in terms of hardware, the competition in the premium GPU market is increasing and now there are faster CPUs with fewer power demands. Therefore, there will be enough modern and powerful hardware to test the resource-intensive artificial intelligence algorithms. Then, with more powerful GPUs, the training time of the algorithms should decrease. In recent years, we have seen record growth in Deep Learning. In the last year, we have seen NVIDIA through the use of generative advertising networks in several different applications. The trend should continue this year as well, with research focusing on things like studying the adverse attack. There is also a great demand for artificial intelligence for self-driving systems.

With the fierce competition out there, any algorithm that works well with minimal resources (which can be installed on vehicles) will be rewarded. There is a focus on creating better systems for understanding natural language and then facilitating a better human-computer interaction. There has been a focus on the creation of interpretive models for deep learning applications and with the scarcity of labelling data, there is an emphasis on the development of unsupervised learning methods that focus on things like learning a shot and learning zero shooting.

Deep reinforcement learning is being used in more and more applications. And given that the industry realizes the importance of artificial intelligence, it is possible that companies are investing heavily to develop better technology using AI.

Therefore, with the development of hardware, an active community of researchers, increasing funding and the possibility of more and more problems being solved with AI, 2019 should be very good for artificial intelligence. Therefore, there is a lot of scopes!

What is the Future Scope of Robotics in India

Artificial Intelligence in India
Artificial Intelligence in India

Recently saw a video of the extensive use of robots in Japan, which directs the function of the conventional method. One robot was ROBOHON, which surprised me, it’s a cell phone replacement and a friend like Ironman’s Jarvis. Everyone should look for that.
I wonder if the economy of India is behind for centuries in the field of robotics, there is no automation in the day to day, not even the basic information that young people have about it. We must obtain the inspiration for Japan’s economy and also establish a point of reference in the field of automation and robotics.

There is a lot of room for robotics in India. It is estimated that the market will grow by 22% for the next 5 to 6 years. You can take my Example right now during the last few days that I am looking for a complete automated Robotics management solution. This means that as soon as the trucks arrive at my warehouse, the robots will automatically unload the goods and place them in their preposition locations.

Once again, we can obtain the order, we simply have to enter that order in the computer and the robot will automatically take all the products from different places in a warehouse and assemble it in the central billing point. those goods and place those SKUs on trucks. So, in short, the robot will do all the work for which I need manual people, according to estimates, we will reduce our labour requirements by up to 90%. What best suits what I’m looking for is the system that Amazon and Alibaba are using in their warehouse. I estimate that around 1400 + robots will be needed and the robot requirement will increase by 15% each year.

Now you see that this is just my example. I know that, apart from me, there are at least 15 to 20 people who are looking to implement such something so here you can see the great demand for robotics in the near future. But to be very sad, Indian companies still cannot match these levels. I’m just talking about warehouse robots, not another robot. so currently, along with some other people who own businesses similar to me, we are currently looking for this type of robotics system. There are many European companies that are market leaders. Now we are also evaluating Chinese companies.

They will not be the market leader, but they are emerging very fast as market leaders, so right now we have a proposal from many European countries and Chinese companies. Speaking again about the future of robotics, I can say that within 2 to 3 years, China will assume the leadership of European companies in terms of warehouse robotics because the Chinese can create anything that requires or can customize the solution.

How can artificial intelligence benefit India?

Artificial Intelligence in India
Artificial Intelligence in India

Artificial intelligence is advancing to the next level and is now everywhere in the business and in our lives. But do you have a complete idea of how beneficial AI is for your business? Actually, some of us might think that AI is still far from providing the results we want. But, in reality, AI is already doing the mundane and time-consuming tasks that none of us likes.

By the end of 2020, we can expect the AI market to be more than 46 billion and there will be no slowdown. By combining your business procedures with AI, you can increase the efficiency and performance of your business. To understand how artificial intelligence can impact your business.

Performance and efficiency will increase:-

For years, entrepreneurs around the world have been constantly worried about disruptive technologies. One of the best examples is the automobile sector since it used to take years to develop regulation and make it safer. But now, with the help of artificial intelligence, performance and efficiency can be improved and a work pattern can be developed. The creation of numerous jobs and the highest income generation is proof that AI has literally transformed this industry.

Humans can now have more time to do something they love:-

Human beings are not destined to do only tedious tasks throughout their lives, they need to do more. Other creative and interpersonal aspects of the work can be easily handled by us when the mundane tasks have been taken care of by the machines.

Economy, strengths and number of jobs will increase:-

Artificial Intelligence in India

I agree that you have found several pieces of news that indicate that Robots and AI will destroy our jobs. But the fact is that this is not true. With the AI, the labour market will improve gradually and with the right preparation, we can enjoy positive results. With an unrivalled combination of humans and machines, you will enjoy excellent job opportunities and the economy will also grow.

Our lifestyle will improve:-

Artificial Intelligence in India

As AI is growing roots in our society, our lifestyle will definitely be affected in a positive way. We will have assistants who have high-quality artificial intelligence and we could send the emails or perform the boring job of entering data in just a few minutes. Smart homes will also be there to offer us better security and a reduction in energy use.

The condition of humanity will be high:-

The technology will gain the ability to solve a greater number of problems and innovation will be present in several commercial procedures. Normal human capacity is not capable enough to find solutions to multiple problems, but machines can do it. This can surely bring novelty in our society and therefore, humanity will be elevated.

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